Colorchitect is a color generative system using color grammars. It is open to further development. The demo shows how the application works at the primary level. It can be developed further to assist the user more in the design process.
It is a web-based application that is open for everyone to use. Projects and images that are added to the application are accessible to everyone. When the application is further developed, user accounts will be created, and each user will be expected to access their files with their username and password.
It is also among the recommendations to develop a color analysis report so that the user can make the best use of color analysis. Including complimentary colors of these colors as well as analyzed colors is thought to enrich the user's design alternatives.
As a result, the Colorchitect application helps designers make color decisions for their designs in a given residential area and save time. It also allows users who do not have any design knowledge to make decisions according to the color identity of a region.