In the scope of this project, a game idea is found and the short trailer of the game is created using Autodesk 3ds max, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects programs.
It is about five creators living in the space. Once upon a time the space was so empty and boring, so the creators decided to build toys for themselves and called them “colorful spheres” which we as humans called them the solar system. But one day they recognized that there are some objects coming from one of the colorful spheres called “Earth”. That was the day they discovered “humans”. They got so angry, because they must be the only creators in space. Thus, they came up with an idea of a new game called ”Black Hole Dart”. Whenever humans send some satellite or rocket to the space, they catch them and try to aim the center of the black hole and throw the objects into it. The one who can throw the artifacts into the center of the black hole, gets the highest point and wins the game.